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A NSW Police Legacy Initiative


Esther McKay, Project Coordinator, is currently developing and implementing a joint NSW Government and NSW Police Legacy initiative designed to focus on the management and promotion of post service programs for our former NSW Police Officers and their immediate families, many of whom will at times, face a broad range of challenges when transitioning into a civilian lifestyle.

To strengthen our understanding of the needs within the community of our former officers and to respond with appropriate services and initiatives, Esther has formed a Reference Group of former Police Officers and family members to ensure that the program has a solid foundation of consultation and representation.
The work achieved so far with the reference group, together with extensive engagement that Esther has lead with other key stakeholders, on both a State and National level, has resulted in three (3) program initiatives that we will proudly launch in August 2016.

NSW Police Legacy is very excited to launch this new program and what we believe will be a significant support service for many former Police Officers and families. If you have a particular interest in this subject and would like to be added to a mailing list that will receive updates and information on the program, please email: backup@policelegacynsw.org.au and provide the following details:

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