Police Boxing 2018

Our annual NSW Police Boxing Gala Fight Night is coming, and this year it’s Australia Vs UK! The Blue Glove Boxing Academy are sending a team from the UK to take on our Aussie cops, and you don’t want to miss out!

21 November 2018, Norths, Cammeray

Fundraising is now live, and you can buy tickets or sponsor a fighter here.


UK Boxer Michelle Chadwick

While you're waiting for fight night, have a read through this interview with UK boxer Michelle Chadwick who will be taking on our own Renee Fortuna.


How did you first get into boxing?
I first got into boxing to keep fit. I had spent a lot of time growing up dancing, ballet, tap and many other dance styles. I decided to try boxing as an alternative to dancing and improve my fitness. The BGBA then suggested I gave  fighting a try, which I did around 6 years ago and from then I have just loved it.

Does boxing help you in your police work?
As a Police Community Support Officer in the UK I have no protective equipment like a Police Officer and find that boxing gives me confidence that if required to do so then I would be able to protect myself better.

Have you been doing any special preparations for this fight?
Training for this fight has been very similar to previous fights. Although on this occasion I need to drop some weight. Which is no easy task for me as I like my food! I have been concentrating on improved diet and nutrition and cardio. Along with normal pad work and ring time.

Have you been to Australia before? Planning to see anything apart from the boxing ring?
I have never been to Australia before and am really excited to visit.  I have heard how beautiful Australia is and would like some time before the fight relaxing on Bondi Beach and would love to see a koala and a kangaroo.

Any last words to your opponent?
To my opponent I would like to wish you luck in training and luck on the night and may the best fighter win...Which obviously is me 😀