Chair's Report Dec 2023

December 2023

The last three months were filled with such strong marks of respect towards our Police Legatees. I felt such pride in our legatees, the NSW Police Force, and our whole community for their support. Police Legatees are asked to face, endure, and live their best lives in circumstances that are beyond comprehension to most. And they do. On top of that, they find the strength to offer support and friendship to each other, while honouring their past police officer. A truly remarkable group.

September began with the 10th anniversary Remembrance Bicycle Ride from The Domain, Sydney to the National Police Memorial Wall, Canberra. Our two foundational partners were there alongside us. The Police Association of NSW led the charge in the committee, in the fundraising, as support staff in the event, and riding in the event. They were everywhere and great supporters of our three young Police Legatees who took part riding for their dads. Police Bank supported financially and by travelling all the way with the pelotons, capturing the event on video. They have since created a beautiful video tribute to Police Legacy featuring our 15-year-old Police Legatee Paddy and the rest of the group riding to Canberra. Please track down a copy and watch this amazing recount.

Next was the Wall 2 Wall Ride, the annual motorcycle ride from the Domain, Sydney to the National Police Memorial Wall, Canberra. This year, thousands of riders stopped into the Chapel at Goulburn Police Academy on the way to our Nation’s Capital to the very moving laying of the baton ceremony. This event is organized by the Police Federation of Australia with assistance from all the Police Forces around Australia. Again, they did an outstanding job honouring the recent losses of three young police officers killed on duty in Queensland and Western Australia. It was amazing to watch a Police Legatee ride her own brand-new motorcycle for the first time all the way to Canberra – honouring her husband, and supported by her extended family and others on the journey.

Then this year’s National Police Remembrance Day at the Domain on 29 September. Like other years, past and new families, all working through their enduring or recent grief, attended to remember with us. I saw our Vice Patron, Minister for Police & Counter-Terrorism The Honourable Yasmin Catley MP, comfort and support our legatees. I saw our legatees share important memories and brace each other. The beauty of the compassion shown, and the solemn nature of the ceremony, honours their great loss and greatly honours their past police officer.

Tremendous fundraisers supporting Police Legatees over the last few months have been:

  • Forensic Evidence & Technical Services Command Champions Trivia Night
  • Cumberland Police Area Command Champions Vintage & Classic Car Show
  • NSW Police Boxing Event
  • Barrier Police District Champion Golf Day
  • Leichhardt Police Area Command Champions Police Band Concert
  • Goulburn Academy Champion Memorial Marathon Sports Day

The only way to top all this amazing work was to spend time with you all, attending the annual Christmas Luncheon for our Parents’ Network followed by our annual Christmas Luncheon with our Legatees. Great company never grows old. Legatee Irene Jurgens (IJ) took up the challenge to be a Master of Ceremonies which she mastered beautifully. Thank you, Phil, for all the many years you were our MC. You are a hard act to follow but Irene did you proud.

I’m greatly looking forward to the Children’s Camp in Tamworth in January, followed by some thrilling work preparing for the 22nd Blue Ribbon Ball on 23 March 2024. In the meantime, I wish you a warm and sunny summer. A Christmas that brings peace, and a New Year that brings loved ones together.

Kind regards, 

Detective Superintendent Donna McCarthy APM