Chair's Report March 2023

March 2023

Sadly, our new year commenced with the loss of Sergeant Peter Stone of Blue Mountains Police Area Command. Vale Sergeant Stone, and thank you for all you have done to keep our community safe.

Spending time with our Police Family at several Christmas Functions and our January Children’s Camp has been lovely. Watching the kindness in your interactions with each other, your support of Police Legacy, and the work being done by you all, day by day, to live your best lives and help your children do the same, has been truly inspiring. All your wonderful children supported by their dedicated supervisors showed great depth as human beings as they comforted each other at various times throughout the camp, especially those new to the loss of a parent. They are a great credit to you, and I thank you for the privilege of seeing your children become all they can be.

We are so looking forward to the Blue Ribbon Ball on 25 March 2023, where NSW Police Legacy gets to see many of you in your glittering glad rags, and we get to showcase the many achievements of our Police Family, such as Legatees mastering a new skill or a fundraiser supporting our Legatees. We are also thrilled to welcome special guest Phil Burton of Human Nature (a Police Legatee himself), who will be performing alongside the NSW Police Band.

The theme of the 2023 Ball is “Youth Empowerment and Leadership”. When young people are exposed to the right opportunities to build their confidence, they can uplift their communities. Youth that become leaders are sure of their values, have the confidence to take risks, and are empowered to advocate for themselves and others. Leading with empathy, their impact can be immeasurable. I have already felt this impact from the children I’ve met on camp. I so look forward over the years to seeing your beautiful children make you proud.

Of note is the winner of the NSW Police Legacy 2022 William Crews Scholarship, Legatee Constable Christopher McCue. Christopher is attached to Sydney City Police Area Command, and he was selected by the Crews Family because he demonstrated great academic and professional merit. Chris will be speaking at this year’s Blue Ribbon Ball.

In May 2023 I will have experienced a full year at Legacy. This will coincide with the Beat the Blue event on Saturday the 6 May at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek. Watching the Highway Patrol race members of the public on a track covered in water is something to see. Mixing that with all the amazing cars sparkling in the “Show & Shine “section of the night is very impressive to experience.

Be well.