From the COO: Dec 2020

December 2020

2020 has been a challenging year. It has changed the way we live and work, and we are all feeling the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic in different ways. Isolation, social distancing, and the closure of educational institutions, workplaces, and entertainment venues forced us to spend more time in our homes this year. Some have enjoyed the time to complete projects at home such as cleaning out drawers, culling of wardrobes and DIY home renovations. Others have felt lonely and disconnected from family and friends.

Keeping our legatees together and connected has taken on a new dimension with the use of technology. While we embraced the opportunity that technology provides, we also felt significant frustration that we could not catch up with legatees in person. With a heavy heart we announced the cancellation of several events, and we know that this caused enormous disappointment. Thank you for responding to these cancellations with words of support and understanding.

As we moved into the last quarter of the year, we were able to meet with scholarship awardees and new legatees and hold BACKUP for Life workshops, while always adhering to our COVID safety plans. These opportunities gave a lift to us all. They also reminded us that while we have had to change the way we do business, our purpose has not changed.

It was a privilege for me to be able to take part in the Wall to Wall ride once again this year. Due to restrictions, satellite rides took place across most jurisdictions, with the batons being passed over at border checkpoints to ensure they were at the National Wall of Remembrance ceremony on 12 September 2020. The annual ceremony is held to honour the work of police officers across the nation and the service and sacrifices made in protecting our community, to promote road safety, and to provide funding to support all state Police Legacies and the work that we do.

At the time of writing, the lifting of state government restrictions within schools in relation to extracurricular activities has supported moving forward with a Christmas party and January Camp for our younger legatees. We are hopeful these events will go ahead if there is no further change to pandemic restrictions.

The team at NSW Police Legacy have worked hard this year to continue to provide professional and compassionate support and I thank them for continuing to smile while working through the significant challenges that 2020 provided.

We look forward to 2021 with hope that we will be able to return to more of our social activities that are important to keeping you connected. On behalf of the team I wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Take care and stay safe.