From the Chair: June 2020

June 2020

In preparing my report for our June Newsletter I was reviewing our March Newsletter. It is simply implausible how much has changed in our lives in such a short time. In our response to the COVID-19 virus NSWPL has had to suspend all social and fundraising activities and at this stage it is hard to determine when we can resume them. To protect our wonderful workers we have changed our working environment to facilitate working from home in line with the Governments’ guidelines.

With the catch phrase of 2020 being “Social Isolation” it is easy to fall into the doom and gloom mindset. However I have gone completely the opposite and focused on the many positives. The enforced changes we have implemented have highlighted our flexibility and resourcefulness as a charity. Our staff members have embraced the change and introduction of new technologies to enable them to keep doing their jobs. In fact I am sure they are working harder to ensure we can still keep all our legatees connected and supported through these unprecedented times. Their outlook has been nothing but 100% positive.

It also has highlighted how strong we are as a charity, even though our major fundraising activities have been put on hold. Due to our sound financial management we will be able to traverse the obstacles that will confront us in the coming months. Our Fundraising Team is quickly developing new ways we can fundraise via electronic platforms whilst still maintaining social distancing.

So rest assured we are working hard in the background, and although the way we are doing business is not normal we are doing business as usual. We are still there if you need support or just want to have a chat.

COVID-19 was not in our plan for 2020, but we are not going to let it ruin our plan for 2020. We are still working on ways we can improve our services to our legatees, and once we can return to some normality we will be hosting our local area lunches, social engagements, and fundraising activities. I know our 18-25 year old legatees are very keen to get away and try out our new camping trailer.

On 22 April, Victorian Police were devastated by the tragic motor vehicle accident that killed four of their officers. On behalf of NSW Police Legacy and the Board, I extended our support to Victoria Police Legacy, conveying the thoughts and wishes from all our legatees to the families of the four officers. When these tragedies happen within the wider police family it impacts on us all.

In closing, please remember we are always here to support you – no matter what challenges are presented. With one united step at a time we will get through this and will host our social activities as usual, where we will all be able to give each other a non-socially-distanced hug.