Glen Innes Critical Incident Appeal

January 2019

NSW Police Legacy Glen Innes Critical Incident Appeal

On Friday 18 January, two police officers were shot responding to a domestic incident at Glen Innes. One officer, a male sergeant, was shot in the face. The other officer, a female senior constable, was shot in the neck. Following these shocking events, NSW Police Legacy has established this Appeal.

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NSW Police Legacy: Response to Critical Incidents

NSW Police Legacy was originally established for those left behind – the widows, widowers, partners and dependent children of deceased NSW police officers. Over time, our remit has expanded to become more current and more responsive to the needs of the NSW Police family. Today, we care for many members of the wider police family including Special Constables, and our Parents’ Network.

We are part of the policing community, and when somebody in that community is seriously injured, we consider it a responsibility and a privilege to do what we can to assist them. We do not do this to replace the insurance and compensation schemes already in place through the NSW Police Force. We do this because we care. We do this because we know that there are thousands of other people who feel as deeply as us, and who would like some way to show their support.

Depending on the extent of their injuries, affected officers may or may not continue to work as part of the police force. But we want to ensure that they always feel a part of the police family. When an injured officer is handed a cheque comprised of funds raised largely by strangers, it symbolises the support of a whole community. The money may enable them to take time out with their family, to get away for a little while from the constant rounds of medical procedures and paperwork that attend this kind of incident. But more than the money,  the support that cheque represents is priceless.