July Kids' Camp 2019

August 2019

In the middle of a gorgeous sunny July we headed up to Port Stephens for the Kids’ Adventure Camp. We had 41 kids on camp this time, and with a long drive up to the campground we stopped in at Hornsby Police Station for lunch. Arriving late afternoon, the kids dropped their bags and were straight up the sand hills just at the back of the campground. A dune-jumping competition quickly ensued, and our lovable larrikin Pauly Marks Gray almost made it to the bottom face first!

Day Two was all about the team building, and we had people suspended from ropes, blindfolded, and occasionally crashing into things. Oops. Despite all of that, the kids were well and truly bonded (or bonded some more) by the end of the day. Day Three was supposed to be whale watching, but unfortunately there were more seasick kids than whales spotted. On the way back in a pod of dolphins appeared, but by that time they were probably more interested in us than the other way around!

On Day Four we had a visit from the police, with the Dog Squad and Highway Patrol sharing the love, and also a special visit from local Police Legatee Senior Constable Marguerite Behan. The kids raced the radar to find out who was fastest, with Josh Small clocking an impressive 27km/hr. And on the final day those dunes beckoned again, with sand wave after sand wave to sandboard down. All in all, a fantastic week!