Matthew Botfield’s Recovery

March 2024

Some heartening news for you all: in August last year we launched an appeal after Snr Cst Matthew Botfield fell from a ladder, sustaining severe traumatic brain injuries. He was placed in a coma and underwent several surgeries, including having parts of his skull removed to relieve pressure on his brain. At the time it was uncertain whether he would survive, or what kind of life he might have if he did so. Partner Snr Cst Jess Botfield and the couple's two children were in limbo for weeks.

Nearly three months after his accident, he underwent a further brain surgery, and was moved from the hospital to a brain injury rehab facility as he continued to recover. Miraculously, he was well enough to spend time with his family at home on Christmas Day. There is now hope that his health will be restored enough to return to his family full time within the next month or so.

Both Matt and Jess are immensely grateful for all of the emotional and financial support they have received, and continued to receive, through the appeal that we ran. We want to add our own thanks to everyone who contributed, in whatever way you did. We are truly only as strong as our community – and our community is very strong.