Paul Marks Gray

June 2024

In April we put out the call – was there anybody in our network who could donate a good-quality road bike to Paul Marks Gray, a young Police Legatee wanting to take part in the Remembrance Bike Ride? Unsurprisingly, heart-warmingly, we were swamped with offers.

A week later, Paul was meeting his new bike, and his generous benefactor, Andrew McDermott. In a perfect full-circle, Andrew is the husband of Kellie Burns, who has for many years provided sporting scholarships to young legatees through the Sean Burns Scholarship, created in memory of her brother Senior Constable Sean Burns, who died in 2012.

We can’t think of a better tribute, and we know Paul will carry this honour with pride in the Remembrance Bike Ride later in the year.

The Remembrance Bike Ride will be rolling 6-8 September, and registrations will be open soon. Follow the link for all the details.