WorkSafe Solutions Graduation

December 2018

On Thursday 6 December, the final WorkSafe Solutions 'Class of 2018' graduated in the NSW Police Legacy offices, reminding us yet again what a vital and important program this is. The Career Transition Program helps former and transitioning NSW police into new careers, recognising the unique skills that police training and experience gives to an individual, and how readily those skills can translate into other areas. And more than that, it gives hopes, for people who have sometimes forgotten how to hope.

Graduate Craig Ham spoke eloquently and movingly on this topic. For him, Day One of the course was "an awakening", stoking the embers of the fire that had almost gone out. Day Two was a consolidation of that, in which he started to gain confidence. Day Three was a validation - "I do now have something to give". And Day Four was "a confirmation that I have a future".

You do indeed, Craig. All of you do.

Thanks as always to organisers Simon Bradstock and Sean Haran, to the dedicated BACKUP for Life team Esther Mckay and Richard Mills, to Chair Gary Merryweather for welcoming the new graduates back into the Police Family, and to Al Sparkes, the Dep Commissioner of NSW Mental Health Commission, for coming along today to offer his words of wisdom and encouragement to the new graduates. Their futures are looking very bright.